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NEW! VERTICAL Hose Reel with Stainless Steel Swivel joint & hydraulic motor

Hydraulic Motor for our N5SH Hose reelsStainless Steel SWIVEL JOINT for our N5SH HOSE REELS

Stainless Steel Swivel Joint Hose Reel

This strong aluminum hose reel can be delivered with pneumatic or hydraulic motorization - also without motorization at all.
The pneumatic motor is hidden and protected inside the drum: a removable plate makes it easily accessible for any service.
No chain, the motor is lubricated by the oiled air from your tank truck system.
No big maintenance, only regular control.

We can supply it mounted on a tailor made "chair" in aluminium or also with fasteners making it possible to suspend it (fasteners to the top or at the back of the reel).

For particular applications like for ADBLUE or other chemical products we supply you this hose reel with a completely protected stainless steel swivel joint in DN50 (2") allowing a high flow solution for the products you need to deliver fast to your customers without any need to use high pressure.

This unique stainless steel swivel joint allows a PN10 pressure range.

Other options include aluminum handle to rewind the hose reel by hand, or with an electric ATEX motor for depots (aviation JET A1 depots, marinas, petroleum depots).


Manual Aluminum Hose reel (possible option with ATEX electrical motor)
Aluminum swivel joint DN40 & DN50
Tailor made aluminum mounting support

Spring Hose Reels N5M

Aluminum Spring Hose Reels up to 20m DN38 hose, all sizes available, also with stainless steel swivel joint and special gaskets (for ADBLUE and other aggressive chemicals)