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Manhole cover DN 500

Manhole Cover DN500 following the EN13314/13317
* socket connections for:
- vent valve pneumatic actuated with or without sequence control following EN14595
- overfill prevention device (pneumatic to close the bottom valve/ electronic / optic)

Manhole Cover DN 500 with Protection

Manhole cover follwoing EN13317
+ Our welding neck used also as a protection following EN13094
Advantage: no need to have an extra protection for accessories on top of the tank!

Manhole Cover Manlock DN500 pics

manhole cover with fill in cover and overpressure function

Product description:
Manhole cover with filling cap according to EN13314 and EN13317 and integrated overpressure function according to EN14596. Standard with 2 TW1 holes and 1 hole for a dip stick. Other holes are available. The filling cap can be locked by a padlock. Optional with SPD sensor.

Technical features:

    Overpressure function 0,3bar
    filling cap diameter 265mm
    manhole cover hole circlediameter 530mm, 24x drilling 11mm
    light weight 9,5kg