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>> Top Tank Equipment >> EN13922 Overfill Sensors & Tester

Pneumatic Overfill Valve

Overfill prevention for closing the bottom valve (up to 15-16 bar + security by re-opening) N17

Five Wire Optical sensor (overfill prevention)

Optical overfill sensor, 5 wire system according to EN13922.
With 2" male thread and 2" nut.
Also available as 5 wire and 2 wire sensor in one housing.
Thanks to its specific design, excellent draining capacity and ensure better protection
* TÜV 02 ATEX 1958, TÜV 03 ATEX 2241 Q
* max length of the sensor 400mm

5 Wires sensor test kit

Product description:
Test control unit for all electronic 5-wire sensors (Niehüser, Liberty, Scully, OPW) according to EN13922.

Technical features:

* display shows number of compartments and indicates which tank is overfilled
* socket for single sensor test
* display indicates earth bonding
* battery and battery charger unit
* indicator battery status lamps
* power supply cable for battery charging
* 10 pin plug with 4m cable
* automatic switch off after 30min

Multi plug 10-slots

Multi plug according the EN13922 and bottom loading for 5 wire optical sensors.
Possible options:
- 3 to 4 locators
- Pressure Switch
- Ground Bolt (earthing signal from vehicle to depot)

Product Identification NI-PID Depot

NI-PID-DEPOT for product identification according to EN14116.
The picutre shows a sample (the showed flanges aren`t scope of delivery). Delivery for two or more products with one filling arm is possible, by reversing from the depot.