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For FB Fans Marco Tech is online 21/02/2018


Yes, it took us some time to get there.... but now we have a Facebook company account!

For those who are familiar with the use of FB, you will also find an online shop, which is used to show our contacts what they can easily buy from us.

For the moment all orders are to be sent as usual to our office (mind the new address which is noted in the first news!) by email / fax / phone

All details can be found there: http://marcotech.eu/contact.php

A little bit of sun after 2 months of rain 24/01/2018

Nous emménageons chaque jour un peu plus nos nouveaux locaux dans le Parc d'activités Mios Entreprises.

Avec un atelier pour les petites réparations, contrôles, SAV, et préparation de commandes, nous souhaitons fournir à nos clients un point d'appui technique amélioré.

Quality process improvement 28/09/2017

Sometimes Marco Tech provides you tips and gives you some of its know how.
Today, a simple tips to make sure you'll never damage any polytethylene bars or rolls while moving pipes in warehouse or elsewhere with fork lift trucks.
Check truck's forks sizes and cut a pipe to the appropriate size with possibly a flange at the extremity.
Insert on the forks, that's it !! your pipes are well protected while moving them....

New API valve - to deliver 30% faster 22/09/2017

In may 2017, we introduced you to our new API valve. It is now available.
Its specific design allows 30% faster deliveries.

Niehüser & Marco Tech, married for 17 years already but even more than ever from now 07/09/2017

Marco Tech & Niehüser have reinforced their cooperation to offer the French market all the advantages of Niehüser's high quality product and Marco Tech expertise.

API VALVE: New Sight Glass + ATEX Light + movable inside disc 26/05/2017

Refueling Adapter following EN13315, EN12266-1.

The refueling adapter is used for refuel road tank trucks through the

Big see lgass protected by its metallic strucutre and that can be illuminated by ATEX LED system - patented.

New Foot / Bottom Valve DN 150 with sensor 25/05/2017

New Foot / Bottom Valve DN 150 wiht sensor

DN 150
round flange TW
with sensor to detect opening / closing of the valve

New Braking System on our N5IP... Hose Reels 17/10/2016

This new braking system allows a much easier adjustment for the user of the hose reel

The braking system can also be automatically pneumatic driven (option).

More information: http://www.marcotech.eu/articles.php?id=30

Come and have a closer look at our Tank Truck & Trailer Equipment in EXPOTRANS 23/09/2016

Ask for our brochure by going on the CONTACT page

Thank you for your visit at UNITI 2016 01/07/2016

Dear Business Partner,

We sincerely thank you for visiting our booth at the UNITI 2016 Exhibition.

We are glad you have visited our booth and had a chance to meet you.

If you need any information about our technologies, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

You are welcome to check our website and send us your demands.

Best regards.

Uniti Expo, Stuttgart 13/06/2016

Last preparation for the stand.

HAPPY EASTER 2016 ! 25/03/2016

Dear Partners and Friends,

Please note that our offices will be closed on Monday the 28th of March. 

We will be back for your demands as soon as Tuesday the 29th of March.

Enjoy your Easter Week-end,

Marco Tech

Book Your Appointment ! Uniti Expo from teh 14th till the 16th of June 25/01/2016

Follow our NEWS: you will be able to get more information on new materials to be exhibited and about the fair in itself.
Stay tuned, and see you soon

A marvellous Happy New Year 2016 04/01/2016

The whole team of Marco Tech joins me to wish you all a Happy New Year 2016.

Pneumatic Hose Reels present in Harrogate 27/04/2015

Marco Tech was present on the annual exhibition FPS taking place this year in Harrogate (22nd & 23rd of April 2015).
We presented with Road Tanker Spares our disitrbutor for Hose reels in Relaand and UK our automatic pneumatic hose reel.
Road Tanker Spares mounts the hose reel on a local made stainless steel holder and which is also equipped with an aluminum retention tray, keeping your tank truck clean at all time.
The N5SK/N5SEK Hose reel has got the following advantages:
  • Very solid and light structure made of 8 aluminium bars,
  • The air motor is integrated and protected into the shelter of the drum of the roller,
  • Automatic lubrication of motor and very short chain,
  • Freewheel when pulling the hose and controlled by a pneumatic regulated brake to avoid too much hose to unwind.

Have a look at the Halock factory ! 09/03/2015

Here is a short video about the Hlock factory where we manufacture, among other products, the Double Wall EN14125 Pipes & Couplers

The whole MARCO TECH team wishes you a happy new year 2015 ! 05/01/2015

Merry Christmas - God Jul ! 24/12/2014

This is now the end of 2014 and the whole Marco Tech Team wishes you a Merry Christmas among your friends, family and loved ones.

We will be back to you as soon as the first days of 2015 start, and will enjoy a dynamic and prosperous year with all our faithful partners and future collaborators.

See you all very soon,


FORTIS & MARCO TECH, for polyethylene tanks Partnership 22/10/2014

We are proud to annonce the recent partnership between FORTIS & MARCO TECH for the distribution of small and medium polyethylene tanks.
These equipment made in Europe bring new  simple and pricewise perspectives on the market for Petroleum and other product storage solutions.
AdBlue, water, diesel......
Check our complete range and make your choice

Durable and unique design
    10 years no leak warranty
    2 years equipment warranty
    UV resistant

MARCO TECH Video 20/10/2014

Flex Elbow : the market's most flexible double wall connection ! 15/10/2014

How can you reduce the number of items that you need to have in stocks ?
By using the same set of 3-pieces to make :
  • A 90-degree-elbow
  • A straight coupler
  • A 45-degree-elbow

Please welcome Flex Elbow, the most flexible coupler for double wall connection !

Niehüser, installed on most trucks 01/10/2014

MARCO TECH is very proud of its exclusive collaboration with Niehüser.
At the EXPO PETROTRANS exhibition, Niehüser has proven, more than ever, its notoriety with almost all trucks equipped with Niehüser product like hose-reel, bottom valve.......
Visit our photo gallery in Kassel

New BIG DIAMETER Bottom / Foot valve has been launched ! 29/09/2014

New diameter DN 125 for standard truck application and DN 150 for aviation

Follow the link to see also our new BIG DIAMETER Foot / Bottom Valve

Pneumatic vent valve, new evolution at MARCO TECH 08/09/2014

Our new Pneumatically actuated Vent Valvle (EN13082) in DN80 including the PV valve and the 4 security functions (EN14595).

UNITI EXPO Presentation Marco Tech by Petrolplaza 09/06/2014

D-3 before UNITI EXPO 2014 in Stuttgart 31/05/2014

The new exhibition and meeting for international petrol station (gas station) equipment and construction is now in STUTTGART (Germany) in JUNE form the 3rd till the 5th (included).

This show is taking over the Automechanika which used to be in Frankfurt in September.

Please come and visit us in Hall 6 on stand number 6B90 for all the equipment you need to construct your petrol station, starting with our high quality piping system HALOCK.

HALOCK PIPING SYSTEM HPS is a EN14125 certified underground piping system for petrol, which can be delivered in single or double wall solutions with all its connectors and tooling equipment.

For the safest long lasting piping system, think of HALOCK.

And to meet us in Stuttgart, please send us an email to ask for your FREE invitations that we will be pleased to send you.
More information to book your trip to Stuttgart? follow this link

New Export director at Marco Tech 12/05/2014

We are pleased to welcome our new export director at Marco Tech. Vincent Derouineau, already working in the downstream petroleum industry for almost 10 years, he will bring new areas and an expertize on new products and new markets.

Halock Piping System EN14125 New Logo ! 15/04/2013

New range of Pipes
Halock Piping System HPS EN14125
Single and Double Wall solution
With entire modern & easy to use tooling kit
Life guarantee expectancy : 30 years

New Earthening Cable Reel 28/10/2012

With its aluminium holder + breaking system

AUTOMECHANIKA 2012 -EN14125:2004 12/10/2012

You are now going to be able to see what happened in Frankfurt at AUTOMECHANIKA 2012 through some pictures showing you the international exhibition specialized in Equipment for Petrol Station and that means specifically our flexible piping system Halock and Halock Twin EN14125 certified and all its accessories.

Nr 1 in Halock Piping EN14125 Installation 12/10/2012

With rolls and bars, Halock piping will reduce couplers quantities. HDPE, lighter and more flexible will reduce considerably installation time.

HALOCK TWIN 110/125mm EN14125 Filling Lines 12/10/2012

Halock and double wall pipes EN 14 125

Halock Pipes Special White INNER Liner 12/10/2012

With its special inner PBT layer, Halock is the most impervious pipe and resists to torsion keeping its integrity.

Improve your skills, how to Weld the pipes with electro-fusion 12/10/2012

To improve or to learn how to weld correctly, Marco Tech offers easy and efficient tools.

Product Identification Device PID 28/08/2012

To avoid mixing product at the station, our PID system for station allow product identification in the tank and the delivering product from the truck.
EN 14 116, it become impossible to mix product nowadays.
You can program it and can also deal with new product(ethanol, AdBlue....)
No possible static electricity, easy to install !

Contact us !

Hose or cable reel in Aluminum 25/07/2012

We supply hose reels made out of aluminium in different designs and sizes. ALUMINUM HOSE REELS They are pneumatically or hydraulically driven or lternatively with a chain wheel or coil spring. They are used in all types of oil and liquid gas petroleum (LPG)road tankers, aircraft refuelling, fire engines and stationary installations.

Transition Adapter 4" male-110mm coated EN14125 21/02/2012

Galvanized Steel High quality 4" MALE Long Transition adapter Transition Adapter made with Halock™ pipe Protection CAPS on both sides of the Transition for transport and installation EN14125

Aviation Hose Reel DN80 N5FLZIH (hydraulic) 22/12/2011

Hose reel for aviation use. Swivel joint entirely in DN80 The hose reel is starting as a one layer hose reel and finishes as a double layer allowing a much longer length to be rolled on the hose reel.
NEW FEATURE : an hydraulic motor inserted in the centre of the reel : => no need for a chain => lots of place saved => much quicker to install !


This manual hose reel is made of aluminum.
It can be provided with a complete transition in DN40 or DN50 according to your flowrate needs. Adaptable to chemicals (such as Ad Blue) with his swivel joint in stainless steel, it is also recommended for fuel applications and for aviation. The manual hose reel is delivered, with its short chain and its crank (aluminum), mounted on a support frame (aluminum). The only thing you have left is to choose the product, select side, the diameter, length and the flexible reference.
The hose reel is delivered ready to use.


What an interesting exhibition! In Lilleström Transport Messen 2011 you can see what kind of strong accessories are needed to comply with the scandinavian needs in terms of tank trucks and trailers. In addition to ESSO , SHELL, our range of NIEHÜSER accessories was also chosen by the national oil company STATOIL as bottom valves, manhole covers, vapor recovery valves, API adapters etc were the best choice they defined. Talk to you soon with some more news, MARCO TECH

A new Rotary Peeling Tool for HALOCK EN 14125 22/05/2011

A new Rotary Peeling Tool for HALOCK EN 14125 Completely automatic, it prevents any intalling person to peel too much or not enough before welding the coupler. Electrofusion systems forbid the use of sand paper or any equivalent tools that leave particles (sometimes invisble).

Threaded  Penetration  Fitting 08/03/2011

Single Hole Installation Seals to 24” diameter sumps.
Most cost effective fitting in the industry.
Allows for  non ?perpendicular entries.
Available  for  pipe sizes 32mm thru 110mm.

Make your vehicles become lighter 25/02/2011

More information? follow this link: We supply manhole covers with filling cap according to EN13314 and EN13317, manhole covers without filling cap according to EN13317, manhole covers with emergency overpressure function according to EN14596, manhole welded in flange, rain cover for manhole welded in flange Manhole Covers Manlock & Protection DN500 EN13314 13317 145596 13094

Halock EN14125 07/02/2011

How you can check your installation - PID Tester 20/01/2011

On the tank truck or the petrol station, you often wonder what part of the system might not work properly... Now those times are over ! Thanks to our new testing device you will immediately know what part has to be fixed.
Send us an email our call us to have more technical information about our PID tester !

Product Identification Device : PID at petrol station 05/11/2010

No possibility to mix products in the underground tanks. Thanks to this clever idea following the EN14116, ADR drivers will be helped in order to avoid any possible mixture ("cocktails") often responsible for a petrol station stop to clean the tanks.

Automechanika 2010 - A complete success 12/10/2010

Many thanks to all of you who came to Frankfurt Automechanika this September 2010! And what a good news to see that we managed to beat our 2008 record of number of visits on our stand! Dear friends and distributors we like to meet all of you at Automechanika. That is the reason why we have a stand in Frankfurt to receive all our existing customers and distributors, as well as all new demands looking for the HIGH QUALITY offered by HALOCK and TWIN HALOCK petrol piping system. Like their fellow neighbours, should it be in Europe, Asia or Africa, our new distributors want to be different from their competitors and add HIGH QUALITY and EXCLUSIVITY by choosing strong family owned companies: Hallingplast/Marco Tech, your best choice for the future. Now we have welcomed new countries in our new distribution network and we would like to welcome them warmly. For any demand, please contact us, we will be more than happy to help you.

See you soon again,


PID Depot 05/10/2010

NI-PID-DEPOT for product identification according to EN14116. The picutre shows a sample (the showed flanges aren`t scope of delivery). Delivery for two or more products with one filling arm is possible, by reversing from the depot.

EN14125 - When quality rimes with patience... 22/09/2009

How could we be happier than giving you good news about your Halock & Halock TWIN pipe systems? Of course being of higher quality does sometimes also mean to be patient... NO measurable permeability is one of the consequences of the hard work of the Norwegian factory Hallingplast. ===> High Quality Work + High quality Product <=== =========> HALOCK & HALOCK TWIN <========= Hallingplast: ISO 9001 certified since 1995! Halock™: ERA certified since 1996! We are proud to share with you the results of many years of serious work: always seeking the best solutions for our faithful customers at very competitive conditions, Marco Tech & Hallingplast are your partners for a safe & clean future.

Hoping to see you all soon,

Marco Tech's Team