Marco Tech is a Norwegian & French company created in 1997. Its leading team is working in the field of petroleum equipment since 1970.
Marco Tech & Niehüser have strengthened their cooperation to offer the French market all the advantages of the Niehüser product range and the expertise of Marco Tech.


Manhole and manhole covers with emergency pressure relief valve (optional with SPD-system), welded-in flanges for manhole covers, vent valves with or without sequential control, flame arrestors.

  •  EN13314, EN13317, EN14596, EN13094

  •  DN 500

  •  PN16

  •  overpressure prevention at 0,3 Bars


Optical 5-wire level sensors, electronic and pneumatic level sensors, in accordance with :


  • Suivant : TÜV 01 ATEX 1677, TÜV 02 ATEX 1958, TÜV 03 ATEX 2241, TÜV 05 ATEX 2707, EN13922
  • Pneumatic high level sensors with test function, low level sensor for aircraft refuelling.


Bottom valves DN100, pneumatically actuated, in accordance with :

  • EN13308, EN13316

  • DN80 / 100 / 125 /150

  • PN16 / 10

  • oeverpressure prevention at 15 bars

Different housing are available, optional with SPD-system, sequence control, manual emergency opening.



Straight line valves with square or TW-flange, optional with SPD-system :

  • DN80 ou DN100

API-adapter and closing cap for API-adapter, in accordance with :

  • EN13922

  • Optional with SPD-system, hand lever, pneumatically actuated.

excentric butterfly valve with hand lever or single-acting pneumatic drive :

  • DN 100


We supply hose reels made out of aluminium in different designs and sizes. They are pneumatically or hydraulically driven or alternatively with a chain wheel or coil spring. They are used in all types of oil and liquid gas petroleum (LPG) road tankers, aircraft refuelling, fire engines, stationary installations and for the delivery of AdBlue (with stainless steel swivel joint).

  • DN40 up to DN80

  • operating pressure, depends on the type up to 40 bar

  • width x from 66 mm up to 1600 mm

  • side plate or spoked side plate diameter y from 430 mm up to 2200 mm

  • drum plate diameter z from 270 mm up to 600 mm

  • optional with locking device, brake


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