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Marco Tech is a Franco-Norwegian company created in 1997.

Its management team has been working in the field of petroleum equipment since the mid-1970s.


Hallingplast A.S technology is dedicated for the oil-filled flexible pipe (HDPE: High Density Polyethylene) Halock ™,  and for service stations and oil depots.

Hallingplast A.S is a family company which has developed in becoming a larger company

Halock™ has been the natural issue of this development. Since 1997, Marco Tech, also a family company, has been working together with Hallingplast A.S in developing the use and installation of Halock™ worldwide. The size of the company enables it to be more flexible, more personal towards its customers, more reactive, as well as being attentive to each customer’s need.

Hallingplast A.S is fast to develop new products and to find individual and customized solution.

Hallingplast A.S is today among the largest private extrusion companies in Norway. The extrusion of pipes has always been a very competitive area. Hallingplast A.S has been able to carve a niche in the market by building on its reputation for innovation and reliability.


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Monday to Friday : 9am - 4 pm

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